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We believe in the power of education to transform lives and entire cities. 

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Become a Chaperone...

We need Homestead Teachers to accompany us on the bus as we travel from Homestead to Milwaukee College Prep.  

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Kids 4 Kids

Building relationships between suburban student mentors and city students leads the way to prosperity. Join us on our journey of building a better Milwaukee.






Kids 4 Kids

Milwaukee College Prep

"Knowledge plus character paves the road to college and beyond." Milwaukee College Prep is a public, high-performing charter school that every child in the City of Milwaukee is eligible to attend. It’s founded on the belief that all scholars have the ability thrive and succeed, regardless of their zip code.



Milwaukee College Prep

Schools That Can

Schools That Can Milwaukee set a goal of 20,000 children attending high-performing urban schools by the year 2020. If this is achieved, people will realize that it is possible to grant every child in our city an excellent education. This will have a ripple effect as funds pour in to support the creation of high-performing schools in our city.



Schools That Can Milwaukee 

Did you know…

We live in the most segregated city in the country, which is responsible for creating the largest education gap in the U.S. Sadly, only 55% of Milwaukee Public School students will graduate with a high school degree, and 12% will be able to read at grade level. Only 8% of those who do graduate will go on to college. When my friend Danielle Fleming and I learned these disturbing facts, we decided to find out more.


What we learned…

We learned that our education gap here in Milwaukee directly affects all of us, as well as our economy, our taxes and our ability to attract new businesses and residents. It fosters racial segregation and perpetuates poverty. Danielle and I understand that this is not just an adult problem but one that involves us, our peers and our future. We have also come to realize that many adults do not know about this dire situation; therefore, lack of awareness is big problem.


  •  1 out of 4 black males who do not graduate high school will end up in a juvenile justice facility

  • In Milwaukee, 72% of our black males end up incarcerated

  • This amounts to millions and millions of dollars every year

  • Our city evaluates students’ test scores in grade school to help determine, plan and budget how many jail cells will be needed in the future


These alarming and depressing facts have had a great impact on us. We don’t understand why we spend so much money on jail cells and not on improving our education system.


Our Mission...

  • Create Awareness

  • Raise Funds

  • Build Mentoring Relationships




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